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Tae Kyoo Kim


United States


Boston University


Biology with a Specialization in Neurobiology

Tae Kyoo Kim


Hi my name is TK Kim and I'm an undergraduate student in my junior year studying at Boston University. I'm currently on leave and will be able to meet for advising in Korea. As a volunteer college coach working for Let's Get Ready (LGR) Boston, I've had multiple opportunities to work with and help high school students prepare for college admissions. I've always had a passion in guiding students in the right direction and I hope to use my time in Korea to do exactly that. I've taught students SAT Math during my time with LGR but this time I'd like to teach students AP subjects as I believe I'll be able to foster the students' understanding for subjects such as but not limited to, Biology and Psychology.

Currently, I am working as a Lab Assistant at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and will be able to utilize my experience working in the research environment to help students or my peers decide whether research may be fitting for them.


- English

- Korean

Education & Experience

- Goyang Global High School Graduate

- Intelliwide Inc. Junior Transcriptionist

- Let's Get Ready Boston College Coach

- Boston University : College of Arts and Sciences

- Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) Lab Assistant


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