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Nina Nn


South Korea


Seoul National University / Graduate Studies



Nina Nn


Hello everyone!
I'm Nina from Sweden and I'm currently taking my Masters in Sociology at Seoul National University. I am on the Korean Government Scholarship Program, in 2014 I was an exchange student through the Linneaus-Palme Scholarship at Peking University. I have a major in Sociology from Lund University (Sweden) with a minor in Gender Studies.

I can help you with advice for the KGSP Scholarship and for the Linneaus-Palme Scholarship, and also take a look at your application and give you some great advice.

I hope to hear from you soon! :)


- Swedish

- English

- Korean

Education & Experience

- Lund University. Bachelor Program in Gender Studies. Courses include: Gender Studies, base, continuation course and bachelor Course, Law in Theory and Practice from a Gender Perspective, Social Psychology, Pedagogy (base course).

- Seoul National University. Master Program in Sociology

- Peking University, master courses. Modern Chinese Society, Social Transformation in China and Korea, Linguistic Anthropology

- Kangwon National University, Korean Language Course, level 1-4.

- Lund University. Bachelor Thesis Course in Sociology

- Malmö University, Academic English


- 2014 Linneaus Scholarship.

- 2015 KGSP, Korean Government Scholarship Program

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