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Majid Mushtaq


South Korea


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


Industrial and Management Engineering


Majid Mushtaq


Experiencing the traditions of various cultures from Pakistan to USA, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Singapore, Thailand, SaudiArabia, Malaysia, Philippines and now South Korea, life has given me tremendous opportunities to meet new people, interact with them and learn more about their individual backgrounds. And this is exactly what I aspire to do!

I came to Korea in 2015 under fully funded Korean Government Exchange Program (KGSP Scholarship) also known as Korean Fulbright Scholarship. After studying Korean Language for one year at Keimyung University, I got level 5 in Korean Language Exam. Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Industrial and Management Engineering from one of the top rated universities in Korea i.e Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS).


- English

- Korean

- Urdu

- Hindi

Education & Experience

- Masters in Industrial and Management Engineering, (South Korea)

- Korean Language, Keimyung University, (South Korea)

- Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, (Pakistan)

- Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, St. Cloud State Uni. (USA)


- Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP)

- Global Undergrad Exchange Program USA

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