Karan Bhagat




University of Copenhagen


Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Karan Bhagat


-I am a highly ambitious and enthusiastic student from India, currently pursuing master's in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Copenhagen. I could say I am competent, confident and have a conscientious personality who could adapt to almost every situation.

-A four year of Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences along with a final year research project has provided me with a strong knowledge base for the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical research.

-My training as an In-Process quality analyst in an India’s leading chemical firm India Glycols Ltd. has given me a deep insight into the working of the In-Process Quality analysis and Quality control departments in a chemical manufacturing firm. It also gave a good understanding of the working of different departments in a company, like production, research and development, pharmacovigilance and HR.

-Currently, I am looking for a student assistant job preferably in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector. I am looking forward to building my profile in protein (peptide) formulation, analysis and development sector, in which I am keenly interested. For the long term, I am looking forward to pursuing an MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing also.

-I love to socialise and interact with people of diverse backgrounds, which is the one reason I opted to pursue my higher studies 6,851 km away from home. I enjoy various cultural and sports activities and dance is one of my passion and honestly, it's my stress buster too.


- English

- Indian

Education & Experience

- Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen

- Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Manipal University (India)


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