Our Vision
Create an academic opportunity for everyone
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Give honest help
#Assist them with their study
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#Tell them your experience in their dream school
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Our Mission
Making university admission from coincidence to consequence
Problem we want to solve
The frustration that people have when they step into a new environment
Our story

Back in high school, applying for universities was a vague process.
There were private consultants that help applicants, but they are often too expensive
and never went to where I wanted to apply.

How could they advise us when they have never been there?

Then I thought, “It would be much easier if I had an older sister or brother who's already there.”

Tweedlemate.com is made for that purpose.
For you to find people who you can talk to personally,
and get advices from their own experiences.

What you can ask
Proofreading Essays, Practice Interview,
How to study SAT, ACT, IB, GRE, etc
Anything related to their university

Through Tweedlemate, basically you are buying an hour of their time.
Our Belief
We truly believe that you can do anything
if you can just find the right people to help you along the way.

Helping you connect with those people is what motivates us every day.
Everyone deserves to study at wherever they want to.
Just need the right guidance to get there.