Hi, my name is Christine, a NYU graduate currently preparing for PhD in Nutrition. Is there any chance we could meet for an hour of consulting? I'd like to fix my essay and practice the interview. Thank you
Hi, its my third year in Nutritional and Metabolic Biology at Columbia Graduate School of Arts, and Science. Are you in NYC now? I will do my best to help you out. Let's get a cup of coffee soon :)
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  • whatshot How do I get paid?

    You get paid directly by the student.

    The website has Paypal transaction service integrated, and its use is for the student to directly send the money into your Paypal account.

    This allows the student to pay by credit card and for you to deposit funds straight to your bank account.
    Moreover, there are not that many transaction services allowed to be used between US and other countries except Paypal.

    This means that you can get paid however is most convenient for you and (unlike most tutoring companies) we will never take a percentage of your earnings. Check or cash is also possible if you are meeting them in person.

    Also note that since you are not being paid by, you are not an employee or independent contractor of and we will not withhold or report any taxes for you.

  • whatshot Am I old enough or qualified enough to tutor? does not actually hire mentor/tutors as employees, independent contractors, or otherwise, so we can't answer this question. We simply provide a website where people can find each other, so how you use the service is up to you as long as you do so within the law.

  • whatshotHow does this work?

    You can sign up on our website if you would like to find mentoring jobs and earn some extra income. It is absolutely free to sign up and unlike most mentoring/tutoring companies, we do not take a percentage of what the student pays.

    You get paid directly by the student and keep 100%!

    The first step is to create a tutor account. Once you have created your account and filled it out completely, your profile will be public on our site. This means your tutor profile will show up in search results as parents and students come to our site to look for mentors/tutors. (Note: after completing your profile our team will review your profile and delete if an appropriate.)

    If a parent or student would like to hire you for a mentoring/tutoring job, they will send a message.

    You will get an email notification that someone is interested in hiring you.

    At that point it is up to you to decide whether to work with them or not. You choose how much you want to charge per hour and handle all scheduling and payments directly with the student.

    You can get paid however you would like by the student (cash, check, Paypal, etc). After meeting with a student, they can leave you a review by logging into their account. The review will show up on your profile to help you build your experience and reputation on the site. Mentors/Tutors with positive reviews can typically charge more per hour and receive more job requests.

    Finally, it is worth mentioning that we take your privacy very seriously and will never share your contact information with potential students. Students will only have your contact information if you choose to re spond to their inquiry. In summary, is a great way find people who are interested in hiring you for tutoring jobs and make some extra money! Mentoring/Tutoring is one of the most lucrative and rewarding part-time jobs out there, and we are really excited to provide a website where so many people can connect with each other. We really believe that this is the future of the tutoring industry (people connecting online) and we would love to have you join us! To get started you can sign up as a tutor here.

  • whatshotHow can I sign up to be a tutor?

    You can sign up to be a tutor here.

  • whatshotI'm an international student, can I be a tutor with my F1/J1/M1 student visa? does not actually hire mentors/tutors as employees, independent contractors, or otherwise so we can't answer this question. We simply provide a website where people can find each other so how you use the service is up to you as long as you do so within the law.

  • whatshotWhat should I do if the student refuses to pay?

    While the vast majority of tutoring sessions work out well for both parties, occasional non-payment is an unfortunate risk of the tutoring business (as with many other businesses). Follow up at least once by phone and once by email to politely request payment. Many people simply get busy and bills have a way of being forgotten unless you remind them. Perhaps the best way to avoid non-payment is to never do more than one hour of tutoring with a new client before getting paid. This will cut your losses if you do end up working with a student who is not honest. Many mentor/tutors have an unofficial money back guarantee on the first hour of tutoring anyway. In effect, the first session is about seeing if it is a good match for both the student and the tutor. If the student decides to disappear and not pay after the first session, then it would not have worked out anyway. At least your time has now been freed up to find quality students who will value your tutoring services and compensate you for them. As a general rule, be more cautious with students who contact you asking for "last minute" help before their test tomorrow, or students who email you their assignment, essentially asking you to do it for them. In our experience, these students are less likely to pay because they were just looking for a quick fix and didn't truly want to learn the material. This is especially true if you never actually meet the student in person and only converse with them online or by phone. The most profitable students that you can find as a tutor are the ones who will meet with you on a regular basis, week after week. These "regular customers" will contribute much more to your bottom line and you can be sure they will pay on time (otherwise you wouldn't keep working with them). A tutor who is welcome around the house and practically a friend of the family is much less likely to be cheated out of money. These are the sort of students who you should ideally seek out. Finally, if you have a complaint about any specific student on our site, you can email support and describe the problem you are having. We do take action against specific students who are not using the site honestly.

  • whatshotThis client is difficult.

    With, you’re running your own business, so you can choose how to do so! is in no position to tell you who to work with.

  • whatshotCan you find a mentors/tutors for me?

    We do not match students with mentors/tutors. Please try searching by country or school to browse mentors/tutors.

  • whatshotHow does this work?

    On this site you can find an exceptional one-on-one mentors/tutors your interest. It takes just seconds and it's free to contact them. Select a mentors/tutors you like by country, school, experience, price, and rating. Then contact the mentor/tutor directly by filling out the form on their profile page. You may want to contact several mentors/tutors to find the right one for you. You can handle all scheduling and payment directly with the mentor/tutor, we'll stay out of your way. You can login to your account at any time to view the mentor/tutor you've worked with and rate them. Create an account before you contact your first mentors/tutors.

  • whatshotWhere are mentors/tutorsing sessions held?

    Most mentors/tutorsing sessions are held online, allowing you the flexibility to receive instruction anywhere. mentors/tutors will help select the online platform that works best for the material they will be instructing. mentors/tutors may also meet in person, at a place that is convenient for you. This could be your residence, a coffee shop, a bookstore, or a library.

  • whatshotI’m not sure I trust this mentors/tutors – it might be a scam.

    If you’re concerned about a mentors/tutors, feel free to utilize a different mentors/tutors. While the vast majority of our users are honest people, people have occasionally tried to use our site for scams, much like happens on other websites such as Craigslist or Facebook.

    Exchanging email with their university account is an excellent way to use.

  • whatshotI have a client account. How can I register as a mentors/tutors?

    Go on to your "Edit Profile", and you will see a select option to change your status.

  • whatshotHow do I pay the mentor/tutor? What forms of payment do you accept?

    We stay out of the billing process and let you deal directly with the mentor/tutor for payment, so whatever the mentor/tutor is willing to accept is okay with us. Usually this means cash or check are perfectly fine. Many mentors/tutors also accept Paypal payments (which allows you to use a credit or debit card). You can always check with your mentors/tutors if you are not sure.

  • whatshotCan two students share a mentors/tutors?

    Probably, but it's up to the mentor/tutor. If its just two students, its typically not a problem and they can split the bill to save some money. But if you'd like to bring the whole class to the session you might need to negotiate a different rate with the mentor/tutor.

  • whatshotWhat if I don't like the mentor/tutor?

    If you didn't get any value out of the mentor/tutoring session, you can discuss a refund with your mentors/tutors (it is up to them). Many mentors/tutors also offer a money back guarantee on the first session. The good news is that there are no long term contracts or blocks of hours that you need to buy, so you can stop working with a mentors/tutors at any time. The best way to proceed is to try it for an hour and if it's not a good match then simply part ways. There are a wide variety of mentors/tutors so feel free to shop around before deciding. By interviewing the mentor/tutor on the phone before meeting you can usually determine if it will be a good fit.

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